The SST formed in 2006 to bring attention and action to issues that influence undergraduate student success. It’s one of several initiatives inspired by The Iowa Promise strategic plan, which foregrounds undergraduate education and enrichment.

During 2006-2007, SST members reviewed admission and retention data, institutional factors that influence student success, and surveys of student experiences and outcomes. This research informed an action plan for 2007-2009.

Today, projects that originated with SST are becoming part of the campus culture. The IOWA Challenge summarizes UI expectations and values—a mission statement for students. Pick One encourages new students to get involved as soon as they set foot on campus. Fall Convocation marks the start of the academic year with new traditions.

Presentations about SST and SST Initiatives

A Grassroots Approach to Promote Student Success, 2010 Higher Learning Commission Annual Meeting

Communicating Clear Expectations for Student Success: The IOWA Challenge, 2011 Higher Learning Commission Annual Meeting

Past Committees and Initiatives

The Student Success Team has championed many initiatives and committees to support student success. Past committees and initiatives are listed.

SST Retreats

2014 SST Retreat

2012 SST Retreat

2011 SST Retreat

2010 SST Retreat

2009 SST Retreat

2008 SST Retreat

2007 SST Retreat

Past SST Meeting Presentations

More recent presentations can be found in the News section.

Messages to Delay Drinking: Why it Matters to Student Success, 2013

Learning Communities: Expanding Opportunities for Student Engagement, 2012

First Generation Iowa, 2012

Are We Making the Most of Peer Education at Iowa?, 2011

Student Success Team Meeting, 2011

On Iowa: A Hawkeye Beginning, 2010

Pick One, 2010

Enacting Diversity as a Value within SST and Beyond, 2010

Critical MASS Program, 2010

UI Early Intervention Initiatives, 2010

Creating Campus Conditions for Student Success, 2009

The Classroom - The Foundation for Student Success, 2009

International Undergraduate Students, 2009

Creating Faculty Buy-In for the First Year Student Experience, 2009

Motivational Interviewing: It’s Not Just For Health Anymore, 2009

The Health of UI Students, 2009

Saturdays in Service, 2009

Master Planning at UI, 2008

Pick One Initiative, 2008

Violence Prevention and Student Success, 2008

Student Success in College: Creating Conditions that Matter, 2007

Research on Iowa Student Experiences, 2006