Welcome to the Student Success Team (SST) at The University of Iowa. SST is a mechanism that we have used to make significant changes in the undergraduate student experience at Iowa over the past 10 years.

SST started as a small grassroots group, really a handful of people who got together and learned about the research on what matters for student success. We were grassroots in that everyone around the proverbial “table” focused on what change they could make, rather than thinking about work that others should be doing. This spirit continues to drive SST forward as we work on various issues related to student success, even though we now number over 400 and are viewed as change makers on campus. 

It’s a fabulous group of people to work with because the ethos is positive, action-oriented and inclusive. We meet regularly throughout year as a large group to learn about and apply issues related to student success to our daily work. This site gives you an overview of our work, various projects, and past meetings so take a look around. Everyone can contribute to student success at Iowa – if you’re interested in joining SST, all you need to do is join our listserv.

SST Coordinators:

Andrew Beckett, University College
Bill Nelson, Office of the Dean of Students
Teri Schnelle, Office of the Vice President for Student Life