Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Fall SST Meeting will be 9/16 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm in W401 PBB.

Our primary topic will be:

Supporting Students in Learning to Learn

Dr. Shaun Vecera, Professor and Herman J. and Eileen S. Schmidt Chair in Psychological and Brain Sciences will share the key concepts and best evidence from psychological science on how students learn. Anyone in a position that interacts with students will benefit from not only knowing the most effective study practices, but how to coach students in using these practices to support their success. What is the best way to study? Although this is a simple question, most students have never been taught how to study effectively. Instead, students are left to their own trial-and-error attempts or are given dubious recommendations. Psychological science has a wealth of knowledge about attention, learning, memory, cognition, and motivation, and this knowledge suggests best practices that students can use to benefit their academic success at the University of Iowa. 


We will also have an update from Cindy Seyfer, Financial Aid, and Dan Schropp, Human Resources, on changes to the student employment processes on our campus. We will learn about the transition of student employment to Human Resources, as well as how Student Financial Aid and the Pomerantz Career Center will continue to contribute to student employment.