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The Student Success Team (SST) is a valuable and visible conduit for information on initiatives and services that directly support student success.

Frequent campus-wide communication on student success initiatives will widen the reach of the SST and cultivate additional support for our efforts. In addition, SST members have a wealth of helpful resource information that faculty/staff may use in their daily work with students.

In conducting its work, the committee will use the SST’s definition of student success at the University of Iowa:

University of Iowa students succeed when they achieve personal and institutional educational goals. Successful students develop skills and knowledge, become more mature in their thinking, assume greater responsibility for their own lives and learning, develop understanding of diversity and multiculturalism, and become effective leaders.

Student success at The University of Iowa is a shared enterprise.  Students succeed by active engagement in educationally-purposeful activities.  Faculty, staff, and students create formal and informal learning opportunities on campus and off, and policies, programs, and practices that foster student engagement.

The University measures student and institutional success in undergraduate education by examining a variety of indicators, including measures of learning, persistence, graduation, engagement, health and well-being, and opportunities after graduation.


  • Create and distribute a newsletter regarding current student success initiatives, research, outcomes, and resources.
  • The committee will determine the frequency and distribution method for the newsletter.

Timeline and Deliverables

  • The committee will begin work in November.
  • Newsletters could be delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, depending on the determination of the committee. The newsletter should be reviewed by Sarah Hansen prior to distribution.
  • Committee members will be responsible for determining content, themes, and soliciting authors for articles.


The SST Newsletter Committee periodically accepts new members. Contact Teri Schnelle if you would like to join the committee.

  • Amy Best, College of Law
  • Becca Don, Student Health & Wellness
  • Val Garr, College of Nursing
  • Eric Rossow, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Teri Schnelle, Division of Student Life
  • Jennifer Timmons, Distance and Online Education
  • Linda Varvel, Residence Education